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Updated: Dec 20, 2020

My fashion inspiration list is a long one, but at the top of my list, has to come my parents. I know usually people are usually embarrassed by their parents fashion sense, but I am fortunate enough to have parents who know a thing or two when it comes to clothes. There aren't any embarrassing photos of outfits my parents put me and my siblings in and I remember always feeling proud of what I was wearing. I learnt from my parents what patterns went with what and how to complete an outfit, from shoes on our feet ,to the clips in our hair. And when I say parents, I do mean both my Mum and Dad, to this day when I go shopping or I'm about to go out I always ask for their opinion and if I need an outfit but can't get to the shops myself I can trust either my Mum or Dad to find something nice for me.

So where did my parents get their sense of style from, their parents, my grandparents. It is actually quite unbelievable that my grandad can buy me something and I'll wear it proudly and even get compliments from people my age. My gran used to make dresses for me and my sisters when we were little and so I know I can always rely on her sharp eye when deciding on outfits. And of course, my grandma, she is where I get inspiration for colour. Her nails, her jewellery, her colour coordinated outfits, it's just amazing. I mean I've been out with my friends and spotted her wearing a stylish leather jacket and huaraches, I mean, who born in the 1930s wears huaraches??!! No one but my very special grandma.

I even get inspired by my sisters. Now that we're older, we all have our individual styles, but we mix it up all the time, so at times it's hard to see it and I think that's the best way to dress, to try different things and switch up your look.

I've been thinking a lot about celebrities whose fashion sense I like and the list isn't too extensive, in fact, I've been struggling to compile a list but here it goes: Rihanna (every day of her life), Princess Diana, Toni Braxton, Janelle Monae. This is as far as my list goes and believe me, it has taken me a while to think of people who actually have good ORIGINAL style, hence why there are certain 'instagram models' not featured in my list.

As you can see, I'm not the typical fashion blogger, I don't rely on what people tell me is fashionable, I look at people who I think are fashionable and this has formed my fashion sense, and from my list you can see that those people have very different styles. That just about sums me up, I can't be put into a box really, I wear what I like, one day it could be a bold, another day it could be subtle. I like to find a balance, I just want a lil bit of everything.

stylishly yours,


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