DIY Halter Necks

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

Not too long ago, I was asked by someone to make them a halter neck from a T-shirt they had recently bought. It gave me the idea to share my method with you guys.

I'm sure you can find many tutorials on this, but I wanted to break it down even further and share my mishaps and success with you.

The first time I tried to make a halter neck, I got a little bit carried away with cutting bits away, and ended up with a piece of scrap material. My second attempt was a whole lot better to say the least and thank god it was because I needed it for Carnival weekend.

Well, let's get to it!

Step 1: Find/Buy a T-shirt that you want to turn into a halter neck

Step 2: Try on your T-shirt and do a rough marking out of where you want to cut (i.e. if you want a crop top, you'll want to cut a bit higher than you would for a normal top). You'll need to mark out a neck line if you want it lower than it already is, but that can always be done at a later stage if you're not sure at this stage.

Step 3: Fold the T-shirt in half so that when you cut of the sleeves they'll look equal.

Step 4: Cut down from the sleeves down to the marked line on the sides.

Step 5: Cut along the bottom of the T-shirt where you marked out, using a ruler can help if your line isn't as straight as you'd wanted

So far you should have a basic sleeveless top

Step 6: Cut into the top at the shoulders as far in as you want. Remember how far you cut in will determine how thick the straps will be at the end. Also begin to cut down the sides (red lines) being sure to leave enough material to use as your back ties (blue line).

<---(This is what your top will look like if you lift the back piece of material)

Step 7: Cut into the neckline so that you have what looks something like this (pic right), make sure to not cut too deep or your neck ties will be weak. And then continue to cut out the hem around the neck at the front of your top. (see below)

Step 8: Now we can cut out the straps that will be tied around your neck (red lines). Cut straight down from where you allocated thickness for the straps.

OPTIONAL-Step 9 At the back of the top, you can leave it connected as it is, but if you want to be able to tie and tighten it to your liking, then simply snip it in the middle. And tie it as tight as you want. As my top was originally an XL, I had to do so, but ordinarily, if it fits your back then you don't need to trouble it. If your top looks a bit scrappy, then use WonderWeb to give your top a more finished look. You can cross the ties around your neck however you want to create different looks.

There you have it, your own DIY halter neck top! I'm going to be doing this a lot because there have been so many instances when I love the colour or slogan of a top, but hate the top it's been printed on to. Now, I will buy the top and just alter it to my liking. I want to find other cool DIY things and share them with you all and hopefully, this can become a series of sorts.

Until next time,

Stylishly yours,


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