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Updated: Dec 20, 2020

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You don't have to be from London to know about Notting Hill

Carnival, but just in case you don't know, let me tell you what the hype is all about.

Notting Hill Carnival is a Caribbean annual event that takes place over the August bank holiday weekend.

It first took place in 1966, but the first time I ever went, was in 2011 and I loved it! Everyone loves Caribbean culture, I'm so glad God blessed me with my life, I mean from the various genres of music, to the food, to the damn fine good looking people.You can't help but love us.

So back to Notting Hill Carnival, all West Indians come ready repping their flags, now as I hail from 2 Caribbean nations, of course, I'm repping both. Barbados and Grenada!!! Here's my look from this years carnival and my squad ;)

When it comes to deciding what to wear, I start with what I'm wearing on my bottom half and for the past couple of years, I've been wearing jeans shorts:

1)because you get hot dancing among the crowd and 2)because you want freedom to move.

So once I have that sorted, I need a top, key piece of advice: bright colours are perfect for carnival! It's a celebration so it's only right that you wear a colour that reflects a celebratory mood. I've worn neon pink, yellow I think I've worn orange as well, it's a shame I don't have pictures of my outfits from the past few years.

This year however, I decided to wear a swimsuit instead of a top; it's bright and I love the design, plus it matches perfectly with the blue from the Bajan flag, which I decided to wrap around my head. I was thinking about different ways to wear the Grenadian flag but I decided to go with attaching it to my waist.

Where you wear your flag is completely up to you, wear it like a bandana, around your waist, tie around your wrist, or just hold it, it really doesn't matter. I decided against buying large flags partly because I thought it would be a bit much wearing 2 flags, I mean as you can see, each one is big enough to be a cape!

I think next year I might buy a flag design top, I think it'd be a good look: from my searching online, good places to get them from seem to be Addiction Co or Rock 'n' Roots.

'Rules' for Carnival:

1-Wear something you can jump around and dance in! It's carnival for heaven's sake!

2- Wear shoes that you don't mind getting dirty

3- Bum bags are your friends, just throw your phone and money in, that's all you'll need

4- Stay hydrated!!!

5-FLAGS!!! Rep your country!

5a-DO NOT WEAR NON-CARIBBEAN FLAGS. It is a CARIBBEAN event, so no Latin American or African flags... I see you lot tryna sneak them in, please don't.

6-Have fun, enjoy our culture! Dance, sing, eat, drink (but know your limits please)

Until next time,

Stylishly yours


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