The Necessity for Accessories

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

Anyone that tells you that accessories aren't important, clearly doesn't know what they are talking about. Now I'm not saying that every outfit needs an accessory, but more times than not, you do. I think I was about 8 or 9 when I first started accessorizing my outfits and oddly enough, I started with bangles. Now I laaarrved my bangles, I started with gold and silver bangles, wearing them whenever I had the chance, then I branched out and bought brown, blue and pink ribbon tied bracelets, I still have them to this day and I can't bring myself to throw them away. The reason why I loved bangles so much was because of my gran, she always wore bangles and I loved the sound made when she'd move her hands/ arms around. It is such a beautiful sound and it just makes me feel all warm and tingly, it's hard to explain exactly, but that sound just made me feel...cosy.

As I reached my early teens, though I still loved my bangles, I'd moved on to earrings. I always laugh when I think about the journey to getting my ears pierced and believe me, it was a journey. When I was little, let's say 7 or 8, my dad used to say that I couldn't get my ears pierced until I was 16, then it was 18, but then I got it down to 12 (hee hee thank you dad)!

I remember being in Claire's after I had my ears pierced and looking at all the earrings that I could wear and I fell in love, so much so that now, I feel naked if I'm not wearing a pair. I tend to wear hoops most of the time as they tend to go with almost every outfit and as a girl who doesn't really wear makeup I find hoops pair perfectly with a fresh face.

But there is a time and a place for hoops, for instance, if I'm going out somewhere fancy, I will more likely that not, go for a pair of drop diamond earrings, it's always nice to be an elegant lady for a night, it feels special. Pearls, are also a great choice to get that effortlessly elegant look.

So I've talked about accessories for my arms and ears, now onto hands! I love my hands, I always make sure that when I wear rings, they are moisturised and that my nails are done so that I am not embarrassed by their presentation. Ladies, invest in taking care of your body! Not to be corny or anything, but, you're worth it!

My newest addition to my accessories are chokers. Only recently (and by recently, I mean last month) did I start to like chokers.

Before, I just felt as though they were majorly overused. I mean I'd see girl wearing a choker just to wear it, rather than to complete her outfit. As of yet, I only own 2 chokers, I haven't worn them yet because I'm waiting for the right time to wear them, for now, I'll keep them among my collection.

I also used to be a crazy necklace fan, but nowadays I either can't be bothered to put one on or I just don't see the need. Maybe I should get back into wearing them, I mean,

necklaces can be so pretty! Or am I just trying to find a reason to go shopping and buy more stuff? Hmmmmm...I wonder.

Let's see, what else is there? Anklets. I love how anklets look on other people, I just don't think they suit me.

Septums or as I call them bull rings, have never and will never be a trend that I'll succumb to.

Now it's one thing to wear it as a part of a culture/ religion, but it's an entirely different thing the way some girls wear them now, it just looks...what's the word I'm looking for? Basic.

That just about sums up my opinions on jewellery, but what about other accessories: hats, sunglasses, scarves? I love sunglasses, I believe there's no such thing as too many pairs. My favourite style is probably the aviator, they go with almost everything and add a little bit of something to an outfit. I do own quite a few hats, from big summer hats, to baseball caps, I've always loved hats since I was a little girl. Though I've got to admit, my love for hats has diminished a little, but I still appreciate what they can do for a look.

One thing about accessories, there is such thing as too much. Let me say it again. THERE IS SUCH THING AS TOO MUCH! It's easy to complicate a look, here are some warning signs:

1) if you look like a walking tradesman, then you're wearing too much

2) if you can't tell what's been added on and what is a part of the clothing, then you're probably wearing too much

3) if you look like you've just robbed a jewellery store, YOU ARE WEARING TOO MUCH!

Remember, accessories, complete a look, they aren't meant to be THE look.

Until next time,

Stylishly yours,


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