Wish List NO.1

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

As I'm sitting here in my room, at my desk, attempting to do research for an upcoming French philosophy essay, I find myself, again, getting distracted by the internet. The problem is, I was actually using my laptop to find more secondary sources for this essay and I just happened to see an advert pop up on a site I was on and hey presto(!)that was it, I was sucked into the world of online shopping.

I have been so good recently in my attempt to curb my spending habits and now I'm really wishing I was an heiress (don't we all)! So 5 minutes lead to 15, which lead to 50 minutes, which lead to a time I don't feel like owning up to, and before I knew it the total in my baskets (on several sites at one time people, that's the only way to do it!) was beginning to resemble the cost of my rent per week! Now, although I may not in this very moment be in a place to splurge out whenever I want, I thought "why not just share my first wish list of 2018 with my readers?". So here are a few of my favourite items that are currently out there. Just to give you a heads up, all of these items are from the following stores; Missguided, Boohoo, Pretty Little Thing and New Look. Some of the items I have chosen are fore necessity, or I know I already own something that will go well with it, so I guess it's all about vision. Have fun browsing through my collection!

From L to R

1.Missguided Black strappy kick-flare jumpsuit £25

2.Missguided Lilac off shoulder knitted jumper £15

3.Missguided Black Polka dot barely there block heels £25

4.Missguided Black binding stripe mesh bodysuit £18

5.Missguided Active White mesh panel hoodie £22

6.Pretty Little Thing Red Thigh Split Midi skirt £20

7.Boohoo Red Crop T-Shirt £15

8.Missguided Black faux suede over the knee boots £35

9.New Look Mustard suedette heel pointed court shoes £19.99

10.New Look Mustard suedette barely there block heel £19.99

So if I were to buy everything on this list, I would be spending £214.98/$297.47 +shipping so if anyone would like to buy me something off this list, I would be a very happy girl. But in the event that that doesn't happen, then the first things I'll buy will be the mustard block heels, I am yet to find a really good jeans jacket for a decent price, I tend to either borrow my Dad's jacket if I want to go down the oversized look, or my Mum's jacket for a snug fit, I was really young when they bought their jackets so I'm guessing it was around 2005/6 when they got them. And I tend to do this a lot, if I can't find something on the street, then I head on over to my Mum or Dad's closet and ask ever so nicely to borrow/take the item I come across.

Until next time,

Stylishly yours,


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