It's yo Birthday shawtyyy!!!

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Ask anyone who knows me well enough, what my favourite day of the year is. No doubt, they'll tell you it's my BIRTHDAY!!!!! I have always loved my birthday and I always make sure I make the most out of it, so that means planning a special breakfast, getting a new outfit, trying something different with my hair and a bomb playlist!

*quick bit of advice! Don't rely on other people to make your birthday special, be active in having a good day :)

Back to the point of this blog!

This time around, I decided to spread my birthday out over the weekend, party non-stop!!! Now because I'm still at university and the nightlife isn't quite as exciting as it is in London, I had to really go the extra mile in making myself feel like a birthday queen. Prepping for the weekend began over 1 week before, I bought lights, decorations galore, a badge, a sash, sweet treats and made a banging playlist. My outfits, well, I got those over 2 weeks prior, both from Boohoo, one obviously fancier than the other, but still both nice enough to celebrate my birthday in.

So outfit 1 i wore on the Friday to the club and of course because we're all students, I didn't wear heels and I don't even feel bad about it, I just wanted to be able to dance without having to sit down because of aching feet.

Outfit 2, I wore to a little casual dinner with some friends. The total I spent on these 2 outfits was £13, nice little bit of saving there if I say so myself. So without further ado, let's take a look!

Outfit 1: Yellow Strappy Crepe Bodycon Dress £8

Now I know these 2 pictures show different tones, but just so you know, the second picture more accurately captures the brightness of the dress ;-)

Outfit 2: Strappy Cross Back Midi Dress £5

I was clearly feeling myself that weekend, let me have it okay!

I had a great birthday and that's the most important thing! So until next time...

Stylishly yours,


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