...I'm feeling #22

Hello beautiful readers!

Today I'll be sharing my #22nd birthday look and how I styled it. I kept forgetting to post this when I actually turned 22nd now that I'm 23 I thought it better to share it now and then I can do a separate update on my #23rd birthday look.

First things first, I searched what felt like everywhere for an outfit and I eventually found the perfect outfit on #PrettyLittleThing, I ordered 2 sizes just to be sure that it fitted exactly how I wanted, and boy was I happy with the end result! I felt like in past years, going out dressed to the nines, I always went for a classic bodycon,( in different colours for sure), but I wanted a more stand out look, so I went for a long-sleeved dress.

I knew I wanted an outfit that was black and/or gold so that really helped me narrow down the search and I ended up stumbling upon this outfit on Pretty Little Thing.

Let me know what you think about it and comment about your own birthday outfit searches!

Until next time,

Stylishly yours,


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